Control Products

Below are the control products used by Columbia Drainage Vector Control District. All documents are in PDF format.  (Acrobat Reader is required for viewing) Columbia Drainage Vector Control District is dedicated to protecting the public from vector-borne disease by providing quality mosquito control using Integrated Pest Management practices.  All products that we use are chosen for safety to humans and other animals as well as the ability to control Vectors and their diseases while preventing negative impacts to non-target organisms and the environment.


Name of Larvicide Link to Larvicide
Vectobac G Vectobac G LABEL
Vectobac G Vectobac G MSDS
Vectobac 12AS Vectobac 12AS LABEL
Vectobac 12AS Vectobac 12AS MSDS
Vectolex FG Vectolex FG LABEL
Vectolex FG Vectolex FG MSDS
Vectolex WDG Vectolex WDG LABEL
Vectolex WDG Vectolex WDG MSDS
Vectolex WSP Vectolex WSP LABEL
Vectolex WSP Vectolex MSDS
Altosid ALL Altosid ALL LABEL
Altosid ALL Altosid ALL MSDS
Altosid Pellets Altosid Pellets LABEL
Altosid Pellets Altosid Pellets MSDS
Altosid XR Briquets Altosid XR Briquets LABEL
Altosid XR Briquets Altosid XR Briquets MSDS
Altosid WSP Altosid WSP LABEL
Altosid WSP Altosid WSP MSDS
Altosid P35 Altosid P35 LABEL
Altosid P35 Altosid P35 MSDS
Aquabac 200 Aquabac 200 LABEL
Aquabac 200 Aquabac 200 MSDS
Fourstar WSP Fourstar WSP LABEL
Fourstar WSP Fourstar WSP MSDS
Fourstar CRG Fourstar CRG LABEL
Fourstar CRG Fourstar CRG MSDS