In early 1963 a mosquito survey was conducted by state officials.  This prompted local support of an organized form of mosquito control in Columbia County.

From 1963 to 1967 mosquito control was performed under the purview of the county Health Department and designated as Columbia County Vector Control District No. 1.  Funding of the mosquito control during this period was erratic and varied wildly from year to year.

In 1968 the Oregon State Legislature voted for the creation of Special Districts.  These districts would be property tax-funded operations established within a county to provide a specialized service outside of normal county duties.  A tax levy placed on the Columbia County ballot of 1968 enabled the Vector Control’s independence from the Health department and established a tax base to fund the new district.

The district’s boundaries were assessed and defined to run the length of the county adjacent to the Columbia river and roughly 9 miles west of that waterway inland, encompassing an area of 350 square miles.

Since that time the CDVCD has developed and utilized all manner of methods to survey and control the myriad of mosquito species found within its boundaries.  Each one of these species is unique in its physical appearance, choices of developmental habitat, and blood meal host selection.

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